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Leather is an ancient and fascinating material, that you must know how to choose, treat and work on. Poltrona Frau, thanks to skilled artisan hands, has made this material the main ingredient of its success. Pelle Frau leather comes from a careful selection of European bovine hides. each coat ia a by-product of the food chain, a waste that is optimized in the tanning phase.

To enhance the naturalness of the leather, Poltrona Frau has developed over time exclusive process for processing cowhider base on 20 different production phases, more than double those normally used in the processing of leather for furnishing.

The first phase is called Tanning and consist of treatments to preserve, work and make noble and prestigious cattle coats.

Preparation for tanning involves some preliminary stages such as greening, liming, fleshing and splitting. These opertiions are useful for stripping the mantles and for welcoming the tanning materials. Only then do, we proceed with the actual tanning to ensure greater chemical and biological stability, while preserving the softness and flexibility of the hides.

Tanning follows a selecion of leathers that rewards only the "full grain", the outer and most valuable layer of the dermis.

We proceed with the Re-Tanning to give further chemical and biological stability to the skin. It's only then, that one of the key steps takes place, the aniline dyeing in the drums. It's a through-dye process that evenly colors the leather thoughout its thickness.

Chemical and mechanical actions follow, such as drying and staking, aimed at defining the final aspect of the skin: hand, touch, elasticity, softness, resistance, grain and shine.

Finally, to fix the results, we proceed with the more complex phase of the tanning process: the finishing. Useful to uniform the color and protect the surface layer, this phase consists of different treatments based on the collection to which it belongs. 

With a great sensitivity to color and not only to quality, Poltrona Frau offers a palette with 155 different shades

When you buy a product by Poltrona Frau, you are aware that behind every movement, stitching, cut, knowledge has grown over time and improved year by year, to creat objects capable of resisting over time.

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