Outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture

Materials, features and advices

The outdoor space, a terrace or a garden, has become increasingly important and we furnish it like an indoor space.


Alongside the traditional teak wood, we have metal, platic, synthetic fibers, ceramic and high-tech threads.

Teak wood, the most used wood for outdoor furniture, has a compact wooden structure where an oily sap flow. The oil is water-repellent: for this reason teak cannot get water-soaked and it cannot rot or deform significantly as the other woods do, if left outside. since wood is a natural material, its exposure to atmospherical agent creates oxidation of the surface which favors its discoloration to a typicalsilver-grey color. if you want to remove the grey patina, you can wash it with soap and a specific product: it's the only maintenance teak requires.

woven synthetic fiber, if of good quality, is maybe incomparable for its characteristics of durability and ease of cleaning. it's resistant to UV-rays, salt water and extrems of temperatures.

Metals used for outdoor furniture are aluminium and stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 with a specific treatment anti-corrosion. Stainless steel is sensitive to chlorine in particular condition of temperature and humidity, for this reason a regular maintenance is needed.

The tendency to make the outdoor space an extension of the living room led to the use of high-tech threads and fabrics. These fabrics, mostly of polyester and nautical origin, allow a wide choise of colors and the ability to follow the typical forms of indoor products, leaving space to the work of designers. Although very durable, they require cleaning with cold water and mild detergent to remove impurities tha settle on the plot.


The cushions have two ways to "defend" themself from the water: be waterproof or hydro-draining. In the first case they are made in polyurethane treated with paints that make it waterproof, then they need to be covered with a 3D net that enable the air to penetrate inside the cushion in order to prevent the dampness between padding and the upholstery. The hydro-draining cushions use a stuffing made from open-cell draining polyurethane that has the ability to quickly drain the water and allows the air to dry it.


For each kind of product we suggest the use of the "winter set". It's a cover made with a hydro-repellent acrylic fiber that protect the furniture from the dirt. So you can leave your furniture outside all the year.

Whether you choose an outdoor furniture made of woof, metal or high-tech fabric, always pay attention to the characteristics and quality of the product. This allows you to have your outdoor furnishing always available and always the same as when you purchased it.

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