Fenix, the most advanced laminate

Fenix, the most advanced laminate

Features and uses

The evolution ot the materials for the home decoration has led to new solutions, and among the most advanced materials there is the Fenix laminate.

Fenix is an innovative interior design product, super opaque and soft-touch, create with the use of nanotechnology, that although we can classify it in the world of laminate, it has far superior characteristics.

Fenix is an anti-fingerprint material, highly resistant to scratches, abrasion, impacts and household solvent. In addition to being liquid repellent and mould-proof, it significantly reduces the bacterical load making its surface hygenic and easy to clean.

But, maybe, the most important feature is the thermo-repairability that allows you to regenerate it from any superficial micro-scratches. It can be done with a dampened kitchen rool sheet and an iron, and it can be repeated many times.

The main use is for the kitchen countertop, but Fenix can be also used for the kitchen's doors to create mono-materic and mono-chromatic solutions, difficult to obtain with other materials. Fenix is aldo used for tables, bookshelves and cabintes. It's available in many colors, from whites to greys, from beiges to blues and blacks, it adapts to the different styles of furniture in your home.

In our showroom, as well as evaluate its characteristics, you could see the Vela kitchen by Dada entirely made of Fenix laminate

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