Kitchen worktop

Kitchen worktop

Which one to choose

When you are buying a kitchen, one of the important choices to make is the countertop. Given that there is no absolute "best" solution and that each product has pros and cons, let's try to analyze the most popular types of countertops to help you make the best choice based on your needs.
The laminate is the most common kitchen worktop, it has many customization possibilities regarding color and finishes and has a very competitive price compared to other more technological materials. The weak point is the poor resistance to high temperatures. With similar characteristics we find Fenix, a laminate made with the use of nano-technologies: its characteristics are the possibility of thermo-repairing small scratches and the anti-fingerprint surface.
The HPL (high pressure laminate) top is a very thick laminate. It has an excellent quality-price ratio, is absolutely resistant to water and oily substances, resists temperatures up to 180° and has a good variety of aesthetic finishes.
The natural stone top (marble or granite) is the most exclusive choice; being a natural product, each piece is "unique". The porosity characteristics depend on the type of product, while the heat resistance is excellent. Its price is generally high.
Quartz is another widely used material for kitchen worktops. It is composed of a mix of quartz and resin, has good resistance to heat and shock, has little porosity and a wide range of finishes. The price depends a lot on the quality of the product.
Stoneware/ceramic tops are among those with lower porosity and maximum resistance to high temperatures. They can also reproduce the aesthetics of natural stones with the limit of the non-passing vein. It has a high price and, being a very rigid material, does not have very high impact resistance.
Corian is a material that allows continuous surfaces without interruptions, it is hygienic, non-porous and repairable. It does not have great resistance to high temperatures.
Last we left steel, the most technical surface and which derives from professional kitchens. It has excellent impact resistance, it is hygienic and totally waterproof. On the other hand, it has poor resistance to scratches and dulling.
We are waiting for you in our showroom to show you the various materials and learn more about their characteristics.

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