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In recent years, attention has grown strongly for what ends up on out tables. More and more people are taking care of their own diet and that of their family, not only by eating quality food, but also trying to eliminate waste, saving time and favoring convivial moments.

In this new healthy era, we often hear about domestic blast chiller. But waht it is? And what means blast chiller?

The blast chiller is a professional-derived household appliance intended for blast chilling, a rapid lowering of the temperature of the food to +3°C, drasticallly reduciing bacterial proliferation and the colors, aroms and flavors of the dishes perfect and unaltered for days.

The blast chillers are also equipped with freezing, a process that quickly brings the temperature at the heart of the food to -18°C. The speed of this process does not allow the formation of ice inside it, which would cause the food fibers to break. When defrosted, very quickly, the product maintains its initial consistency without losing structure, color, vitamins and flavor. Rapid freezing is also neceaasry to enjoy raw fish in safety.

In addition, this appliance has additional functions: cooking at low temperature; controlled leavening of bread, pizza and focaccia; have the dish ready and hot to serve; keep the food at the ideal temperature; refresh wine and drinks.

Whit this appliance you can finallly abandon the industrial products and use fresh ingredients instead. A tool to stop time and thus be able to enjoy our favorite food all year, not just in season. An investment also to have more time for yourself; by cooking in advance, we can find a ready meal and enjoy the company of family and friends 

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