Innovation in the kitchen

Since 1979 Dada has been part of the Molteni Group, one of the main Italian realities in the furniture sector. Dada is positioned in the high range of the market with products designed by international architects such as Vincent Van Duysen, Luca Meda, Dante Bonuccelli, Ferruccio Laviani e Nicola Gallizia.

Design and experimentation have always been the identifying elements of Dada, which creates innovative proposals both on a formal and technological level. The conany, in fact, holds numerous patents. One of these is the Fold & Slide opening system, first used in the operating column and then applied to an entire kitchen: Tivalì by Dante Bonuccelli. This technology responds to new needs for organizing kitchen spaces; what we need, from household appliances to the worktop, appear and disappear accordining to our needs. The sliding doors re-enter the side compatments with a fluid and light movement, making everything accessible with no clutter.

The revolving column was a great innovation in 1988. A pantry for corner solutions characterized by an incredible containment capacity, thanks to the full use of the inner shelves that rotate 360°. 

Another technology that earned Dada in 1987 a special mention at the Compasso d'Oro was the Futura wall unit mechanism, still one of the company's most innovative products today. Since 2012, the new patent for the D|Frame wall unit has allowed the development of the modularity and functionality of Futura.

The Trim model in 2007 was a revolution. When drawers, doors and wall units are no longer enough, there are equipped backrest, a space between wall units and worktop which can be accessed with a patented Dada mechanism.

There are also typological innnovations: Banco, designed by Luca Meda in 1994, concentrates the main cooking and washing functions in the self-supporting structure, patented by Dada. A solid extrusion of aluminium supports the thin line of the worktop and redefines the volumes.

Finally, the most recent VVD and Ratio by Vincent Van Duysen interpret the kitchen in a dynamic and sophisticated way. Innovation is expressed with technological and formal details, apparently invisible, from hinges to lighting, but which make Dada the right choice for your new kitchen.

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