The beautiful sleep

Poltrona Frau

Welcome to the Poltrona Frau night, where your Italian dream continues day after day. Shapes designed to welcome sleep with natural elegance. Leather worked by artisans who know all of its secrets. The leather and the fabrics. The wood and the steel. Soft feathers and refined colours. The bed which is both architecture and nest. A calculated melding of contemporary design and tradition.

The modern search for wellbeing is actively pursued. The culture of health has grown and no pursuit of quality daily living can ignore sleep. Wellbeing is viewed as a total condition, both physical and mental. Sleep plays a key role. Its regenereting effect helps ensure good health. Banishing tiredness it lets us start over full of energy, provided we have had a "beautiful sleep".

Attention to comfort and aesthetics. Poltrona Frau is introducing mattresses and toppers with a high techn content and innovative design, feel-good materials and sophisticated details. Its bed bases combine tradition and innovation, while its pillows embodu the excellence of Poltrona Frau's production processes.

Vieni nel nostro showroom a scoprire tutte le novità su "il bel dormire" Poltrona Frau.

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