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De Rosso is the factory born from the intuition of Roberto De Rosso, who in the '80s has picked up the creative heritage of Alchemy and Menphis movements and merged it into a furniture style outside the box, lucidly visionary and emotionally fullfilling. De Rosso is synonymous of elements and programs of exclusive design and fullfilling, which combines the research on the shapes with that of patterns, colors and surfaces. An explosive design, projected into the future, for which has been coined a neologism: pop-minimalism. Exploring the endless narrative possibilities of the laminate, De Rosso imagines and creates amazing landscapes of interior design, and habitats that convey thhe excitement of a new beauty. The solutions, modular and custom-made, are designed according to the spaces actually available and fit to the millimiter to the rooms where they will be placed.

Top brand furniture.

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