Gallotti&Radice was the first company in Italy, right from the early seventies, to promote their love for the studio and use of glass within furniture arrangements. This fact, presently and only naturally provides and advantage, but at the same time, also signifies a sense of responsability in light of culture and specifically, design. Gallotti&Radice is aware of this, and has presently assumed the task and role of continuing, keeping alive, the devolopment of "genuine" glass design. Glass, which is simultaneously extremely fragile and strong, transparent and unchangeable, light and enduring, must be tackled, by those designing architectural arrangements, with sincere respect and careful handling, with authentic poetry and with intense discipline, with patience, reverence, tenacity. With love. Gallotti&Radice design, creates, transforms and produces solelly and fully in Italy. The end products demostrate excellence, quality of details, finishes and forms. This is possible thanks to the experience which the company has gathered over the years, constantly growing with a well-defined objective: to produce objects design to withstand time.

Top brand furniture.

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